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EDCI5306: I love that there is an app for that!


There’s an app for that carries a lot of meaning. In this ever changing world, the access to the internet and data has changed the way we learn, interact and think. Mobile internet and apps are the future, and education needs to get on the bandwagon before we are left behind. My school district…

I allow my pre-k students to play on the iPad for perhaps 10minutes maybe once every 2 weeks. I think it’s important to allow them to see technology being used in an educational way, rather than playing angry birds at home. Since so many of my kids have iPads at home, exposure in a much more controlled environment may transcend into the home. I also agree that a dependence can develop from using it, but if used properly it can aid in learning especially with young kiddos because there are so many apps that are interactive. We all know that interactive learning for children allows for the maximum possibility of actually learning something, think of Dora. In moderation, and with supervision, it can be a good thing.

EDCI5306: Transmedia Franchises


Transmedia is a very interesting way of marketing a new game, movie, food or any other product. It allows the company to expand something finite into something bigger. It also allow fans to continue their love of a product longer than the availability of the product. I can think of many times…

lol Christmas present because Halo movie released in bits, that made me giggle some. :) I think you are right, there is a fine line with wanting to appeal to the fan base/audience, and taking it too far. I do think that some products get run into the ground with everything that is being offered with it. Sometimes, I feel that too much makes it lose its value and could possibly end up backfiring. Overall, transmedia franchises can be a good thing in moderation. As with anything too much of a good thing can often become rotten.

EDCI5306: Virtual Worlds and the real world.


The idea of interacting virtually and competitively is all the rage today. We see and hear of students interacting virtually through their X-Box while gaming with Call of Duty. The difference is, they are interacting with individuals from around the world. The universe truly has become a…

That is so neat you were on a team of developing video/training materials! Your statement about “The universe..has become a small place” really grabbed my attention. This is entirely true, and almost frightening when it’s put into perspective. It’s hard to imagine how these games and virtual worlds are bridging people together miles away in the real world. It is very astonishing to think of all the millions of communication lines that are being formed as we speak, and kudos to you for helping set up a foundation to achieve all this.

EDCI5306: Interacting Virtually and Competitively


Interacting Virtually is something that is very common now throughout our world. It is something that is seen as normal for most people including the younger generations. Interacting in a virtual world makes it easier for a lot of people to be able to talk to complete strangers without having to…

Interesting point you bring up about competitiveness and gamers. For someone like myself who has a bit of a negative connotation towards gaming in general (blame it on my ex-boyfriend). I do feel that it often gets taken to far, but my threshold is probably no where near yours. And, I agree, virtual media is everywhere. I didn’t have too difficult a time when we “met” for our classroom discussion, but I can see how frustrating it was for quite a few of our peers.

EDCI5306: Gender



Elsa’s article on “Eye Candy” particularly made me chuckle a bit. She talks about how even though they are pixelated images, both men and women are drawn to attract its audience. While I do agree that watermelon sized breast might make fighting crime a tad bit difficult, I am not offended by…

It’s mentioned in this post that you’re not offended by “watermelon-sized breasts and such, but to be honest, I am. I think it’s wrong for creators to paint women in these ridiculous pictures. I think it’s demeaning and I think that it makes living in this time even harder for young girls. You mention that it’s not the game’s fault if young people get hold of it, but I don’t think that makes it okay. I think it gives both men and women an unrealistic depiction of what women look like. So she can fight crime or do whatever, but couldn’t she still do that if she were more normal ooking?

***************I couldn’t figure out how to add comments to address those that commented on this blog so I figured I could reblog your response and do it on here. I am not offended by the way they are drawn because both are portrayed in a way that exaggerates proportions. Also, I feel that even with how life like the game can be, it is still a game. And to quote Jessica Rabbit, it’s not her fault, “She was just drawn that way”. I think it’s important to realize that drawings, and such are not real. I could understand the argument how fashion, models and Hollywood to name a few are distorting our sense of reality and making young girls feel awful about their appearances. I just can’t seem to take gaming so seriously, especially when it’s an outlet from reality. I could literally be anything I wanted, and if in real life I am not well endowed in the chest area, maybe I’d feel some happiness with an avatar that does. I agree that isn’t a real healthy example, but not everyone thinks that way…surely not? Either way, I feel that there should be a common sense factor that allows people to distinguish and be aware that rl differs immensely from games******************

Untitled: Role Models or eye candy?


The role model of the female character is pretty interesting. After reading the article by Elisa, ” Role models or eye candy?” I too can agree on the concerns that Elisa bring up. For example, yesterday I watched as my fiance played a game that allowed for his avatar to be a woman (do not ask what…

I think your statement how “it’s an escape from reality” should be noted. In my opinion video games are different from real life. Even with all the high graphics, and very life like imagery. People with common sense know that what is drawn is fake, and only achieved that way because someone drew them like that (haha, reference to Jessica Rabbit). I also like how you interviewed gamers. For the most part, many of the males I know also aren’t to aware of the females they are able to play. It’s just a game to them. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your opinion on the matter!

Untitled: Kool-Aid, Anyone?


Does anyone under the age of 35 remember collecting Kool-Aid points in order to get free stuff? Kool-Aid and kids’ cereal companies have been utilizing transmedia for years, marketing their products through television commercials and cereal boxes and ads in comic books.

Last year, children’s…

Comparing it to a Tupperware party made me chuckle. You have a good point. It is hard believe our society is not aware of just how propaganda can be so manipulative. However, I think it isn’t so much a lack of awareness, but a lack of sensing any real danger. Since propaganda has been directed at children for a very long time (I think of wars especially abroad), it seems like everyone has become use to the idea and almost expects it from the media. That doesn’t make it okay, but like everything on the internet with so much exposure to something, it becomes more acceptable.

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